Listen: The Spirits are Speaking

I have never been a witch that worked with plants. I have been doing this witchy thing for almost 17 years, and I was never a witch that gardened or grew herbs. It just wasn’t my thing. But one of the fun things about being a witch is this:  over time, your practices, interests, and…

The Way to Finding Powerful Human Connection — zen habits

By Leo Babauta As I write this, I’m sitting in cloud-filled rainforest at a retreat in Ecuador, surrounded by the calls of thousands of tropical birds and creatures, dense lush greenery, and some of the most open-hearted human beings I’ve ever met. Before I came here, I had some anxiety about meeting everyone, worried what… via…

Asteria House

Names have power. I have been referring to my home as The Fox Den for a few years now. It truly has been a place of safety and comfort, a place where my little fox self could hide out and be held tightly. In the first Lord of the Rings movie, Galadriel says: The world is…

A Bridge is no Country

The Risk by Amoret BriarRose They say that a bridge is no country and thus I wonder, when I reach out, extend toward another, do I then lose sovereignty to gain connection, risk self to touch other… or do we blend together, boundaries wavering as watercolors, soaking up the pigment of what we become together?

Mallow Ointment

I have been inspired by the wonderful Sarah Anne Lawless to try my hand at making herbal ointments. My first attempt follows the Althea Ointment Recipe that she outlines in her “Six Herbs for Spirit Work” post. I read Sarah’s blog post, and the next day spotted common mallow on the street behind my home:…

The Dark Mother

I am ready to meet the autumn, picked for a twilight brew ready to know the tastes so bitter on Her tongue. Not all mothers birth.

A Spine For All Seasons

Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be. ~Clementine Padford A Spine For All Seasons by Amoret BriarRose And if your spine was a sword, what then? Could it bear the weight of all seasons, cutting when necessary blessing when necessary knowing hearts are both stones and feathers?

Listen to the world, it is speaking to you.

The other day, the spirit of this tree spoke to me: I found this tree stump on Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh, surrounded by green moss which was in turn surrounded by concrete, circles within circles. The tree wasn’t very old and probably died because it was poorly planted…but somehow this little stump didn’t give…

Samhain Ancestor Altar

I keep an ancestor altar all year. It normally resides in my office and looks like this: Every day, I light a candle, light incense, and speak to my Beloved Dead. Once a week, I refresh the water offering, drum and speak the names of my lineage. During the month of October, the altar is…


We Are the Ones by Amoret BriarRose Don’t despair! We are indeed made for these times, born for this dying empire breathing tired air and drinking troubled waters, rising from so many fires, exactly what is needed. Image: Need and Joy by Amoret