Come find me.

My magic lives at the intersection of intention, action, and reflection. My magic lives at the edge of the dark forest. Image: Growing Through Grief by Natalia Drepina

The Power of the Poison Apple

Last week’s coven meeting was powerful for me. We did a quick trance to go down to meet a deity to find out more about our future work. Instead of meeting a deity, I was approached by a shapeshifter taking the forms of Disney villainesses: Maleficent, the Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen from Snow…

Unseasonably Warm

Unseasonably Warm the misled tree buds in November, under every scar a battle fought some wiser than others. © 2013 Amoret BriarRose. All rights reserved. Image: Buds of Almond by halfrain – some rights reserved

Limbs Like Veins Across the Sky

Winter Warmth bare black limbs vein the cotton clouded sky, kindling for the cold burn of moonlight © 2013 Amoret BriarRose. All rights reserved. Image: Between the Branches…Fog by glasseyes view – some rights reserved

And the dreaming of trees

And the Dreaming of Trees Fire has returned to root. Leaves are long fallen, pools of amber, my discarded dress. Each thaw: burning awakens flesh, melts armor. Each freeze: contractions split asphalt, shudder the cocoon. Warmth escapes where it can. I return to dreams, blossoms under white blankets. © 2015 Amoret BriarRose. All rights reserved….

For Gwion, Cerridwen, and the Cauldron

Blossoming Bones Mystery School has launched its first class, The Cauldron of Cerridwen. I’m incredibly excited about this. And so, I have written a poem from Gwion’s perspective. Then she began to boil the cauldron, which from the beginning of its boiling might not cease to boil for a year and a day, until three…

Melusine, on the occasion of being intruded upon while bathing

Melusine, on the occasion of being intruded upon while bathing it was never my intention to play a bathing Bluebeard, and there is no convenient sealskin for stealing. still, the revelation? always amusing. what could reasonably be expected, in the arms of fairy tale? is the forest not dark and twining? is the water not…