My Gut Asked for an IUD: True Story!

This past Wednesday, I had an IUD inserted. I'm married, and I'm going to be 35 this year, and just a few months ago I had decided to stop taking birth control pills because I wasn't feeling great about being on hormones. I thought I could be ok with a bit of pregnancy risk, being almost 35... Continue Reading →

Thought of the Day

If you are called to a purpose, trust that you will be given enough to take the next right step. The concept of living "hand to mouth" shifts radically if the Hand is Divine.

The Ease of Surrender

This image was in my feed on Facebook a few days back: I've been seeing a lot of messages lately about choices, as well as messages conveying that good and worthwhile things require a fight, a struggle, much striving and difficulty. Our culture collectively values difficulty (you could throw a rock and hit 10 internet... Continue Reading →

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