The Ritual Arc Team (RATS) for SpiralHeart's 2016 Witchcamp met up this weekend to begin the creation of the energetic arc for camp - here are a few pictures of the the altars we co-created:

Images invigorate my spiritual practice - I really love having visuals that are connected to the spiritual work I'm doing. As I'm on the ritual arc team for SpiralHeart's witchcamp this year, and we are working with Medusa, I'm on the hunt for fantastic serpentine images. Today, I reacquainted myself with Klimt's Hygeia:

Samhain Workshop

This workshop is for those that desire to touch The Heart of Things, to see with an Unflinching Gaze, and to turn both heart and eye toward the Self and the Community. This is a workshop for those who want to serve their community through priestessing, learning to navigate the transition between self and service.... Continue Reading →

Whoo Hoo Witchcamp!

It's getting to be that time of year again, the time when I'm super pumped to go to SpiralHeart Witchcamp. My first SpiralHeart camp was last year - I had been to one other Reclaiming witchcamp ages ago, and had done a lot of larger group rituals at Diana's Grove, but I had never been... Continue Reading →

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