How odd it is to fear I am a hypochondriac when I take routine care of myself, when I investigate a concerning symptom, when I hear the thing that goes bump in the night and seek to find out why, why, why. How odd it is to have been mothered by a woman unable to care for herself, a woman... Continue Reading →

I had to search for a while to find this old blog post...I needed to read it this morning. The boat I need to burn is the one that would take me back over the waters of "If I don't do it, it won't get done." Those waters are full of nasty, bad things. What... Continue Reading →

Powerful Magic: Simple Stuff

Want to work some powerful magic today? Ready? There is no right way or wrong way. There is just your way and my way and our way and their way.  Can you respect your way of doing things, trusting your unique answers in the present moment? Can you respect my way of doing things? Our... Continue Reading →

Imbolc Vows

These are a little late, because sometimes life happens. My first dedication was to Brighid - she of the forge, she of the well. This year, I vow to Her: I will love and steward myself. I will show my heart. I will ask for help when I need it. Hail, Bright One. Hail, Brighid!... Continue Reading →


I love cycles, and I am a big believer in honoring my own rhythms. At this time of year, I turn inward. I want to sit in my den and work on my loom or crochet while binge watching Netflix. I certainly do not feel social or festive at this time of year. In the... Continue Reading →

The Stop-Doing List

I love the idea of a Stop-Doing List. I am the sort of person that can get pulled in many different directions, losing focus and energy. My plan is to observe my life, noticing over time what to add to this list, hopefully having something comprehensive by the end of the year. Thus far, I... Continue Reading →

Seeing the Bottom

 Some rights reserved by StarbuckGuyI'm always working on something, it seems. Lately, helpful stuff has been coming to me month by month from an interesting and insightful little book entitled "The Art of Extreme Self Care:  Transform Your Life One Month at a Time" by Cheryl Richardson. Each month, a different aspect of self-care is brought forth... Continue Reading →

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