Thoughts on being a Yoda

I can't remember where I first saw this, but I read somewhere that spiritual advisors have archetypes. For example, some are like Indiana Jones - they are going to grab you and take you on a mighty adventure. Specific to me: some advisors are like Yoda - you need to seek them out, as they... Continue Reading →

Vows: Making Them Count

I recently posted one of Danielle LaPorte's Truthbombs on my Facebook page: This sparked a discussion of what it means to make a vow, to break a vow, and to hide behind a vow, a discussion that got me thinking about my first marriage and divorce. My first marriage happened when I was 24 years... Continue Reading →

Firefly Heart

In a recent guided meditation, Nimue told me this: You have a firefly heart. Let it out - it needs to breathe or it will die. What part of you is wild and needs to breathe?

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