Asteria House

Names have power. I have been referring to my home as The Fox Den for a few years now. It truly has been a place of safety and comfort, a place where my little fox self could hide out and be held tightly. In the first Lord of the Rings movie, Galadriel says: The world is... Continue Reading →

Vernal Oracle by Amoret BriarRose between Desire and Creation: a wealth of Need returning you to the World

May there be love and justice between us. ‪ Please share this magic if you are so inclined. Image: May There Be Love and Justice Between Us by Amoret

Benefit By Doing

Today, I am home sick. More accurately, I am working from home...while sick. Head colds are awful, and I think I picked this one up while riding the bus, as I am new to public transportation, and thus my immune system is like that of a baby at the first week of daycare. I digress.... Continue Reading →


Some rights reserved by Colleen CurnutteIt's time to be more conscious of my energy, to put less of myself into some baskets in order to fill other baskets.This is really important, as I want to add some new baskets, too. I have a list, in my head, of the things I want to manifest in... Continue Reading →

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