May there be love and justice between us. ‪ Please share this magic if you are so inclined. Image: May There Be Love and Justice Between Us by Amoret

Relaxing is Magic

Two nights, in a row, I have not had insomnia. I have slept nine hours each night. It has been GLORIOUS. And today, I plan on reading for pleasure. And going for a walk. And relaxing. For me, right now, the way life is, relaxation is a magical act. Right now, I have many things I *should*... Continue Reading →

Powerful Magic: Simple Stuff

Want to work some powerful magic today? Ready? There is no right way or wrong way. There is just your way and my way and our way and their way.  Can you respect your way of doing things, trusting your unique answers in the present moment? Can you respect my way of doing things? Our... Continue Reading →

Magical Morning

I woke up with the words and tune of a new chant in my head. Chant writing isn't something I have ever done alone, so I'm excited by this morning's gift of a song. I'm also really grateful for: - an amazing partner - a wonderful housemate - new opportunities that are popping up everywhere... Continue Reading →

Time Is On My Side: Yes It Is

Some Rights Reserved by openDemocracyToday began with an anxiety attack.You see, today was the first day I didn't have to go to work in six days. I slept in, which was lovely, and reconnected with my partner and my little dog, and then...well, I had the time to really give attention to my surroundings. I... Continue Reading →

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