My first response to the image A Gift for a Gift is a flashback to the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I have always had huge issues with book’s message, depicting a relationship between a tree and a boy wherein the tree gives the boy everything, all that it has down to its... Continue Reading →

Breath and Tide

To catch the ocean in a cup - the work is futile. I carry the tides in my breath, in and out, in and out. The tide and the shoreline, the dance and interplay between water and earth are the lessons here. Sometimes, retreat is necessary. Retreat, approach, retreat, approach - cycles in waves and... Continue Reading →

May there be love and justice between us. ‪ Please share this magic if you are so inclined. Image: May There Be Love and Justice Between Us by Amoret

Love is still love when it is felt from afar. Image: Cast Yourself by Amoret

Morning Thought

You need no permission to love and be loved. You are breathing. It is enough. © 2011 Amoret BriarRose. All rights reserved. Image: Baby Kissing the Mother by Tambako The Jaguar - some rights reserved


Some rights reserved by BlueRidgeKitties “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.” ~Anonymous~ ROOT noun, often attributive: an underlying support the essential core : heart RADICAL adjective: of, relating to, or proceeding from a root noun: a root part a basic principle: foundation Learning to be in right relationship... Continue Reading →


Some rights reserved by _twigcrooked:  1. : not straight  Synonyms:  bending, crazy, curled, curling, curved, curving, curvy, devious, serpentine, sinuous, tortuous, twisted, twisting, winding, windyAnd I've gotNo illusions about youAnd guess what?I never didAnd when I saidWhen I said I'll take itI meant,I meant as is~Ani DiFranco, As Is I am crooked. Scoliosis is a... Continue Reading →

The Genius of Little Moments

Chatting with Alex about relationships: Me:  you know, it can't be forced i think it's just what you can stand, on a day to day basis, potentially forever Alex:  haha probably about the wisest thing you can say about a relationship

The Wedding

I officiated my second wedding this weekend, and it was just lovely. Though I do get stressed out about having a big part in a couple's big day, I still love doing the work.  There's no better feeling than a I did shed a few tears during this ceremony; the bride's friend read the following... Continue Reading →

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