I work one job to feed and be fed. I have reasonably clean water to drink. I have reasonably clean air to breathe. I have a warm place to sleep at night. I am still here. I am still here. I am still here. Image: lotus by ポトフ, some rights reserved

  Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift. ~Mary Oliver

Broken Open, in Gratitude

2015 has been a difficult year - and a blessing in its difficulty. Someone once said that life is beautiful and horrific and beyond understanding - I don’t know who to quote, and I could very well be the person who said those words, though they flow from my fingers like someone else’s complete thought.... Continue Reading →

Magical Morning

I woke up with the words and tune of a new chant in my head. Chant writing isn't something I have ever done alone, so I'm excited by this morning's gift of a song. I'm also really grateful for: - an amazing partner - a wonderful housemate - new opportunities that are popping up everywhere... Continue Reading →


Today, I'm grateful for: 1. J, my lovely life partner 2. Porky, my four-legged-n-furry lovely life partner 3. Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies 4. Gluten-free sugar cookies from Gluuteny 5. The perspective and distance that time can bring

The Wisdom of Pattern

I really want to write something tonight, but I find myself at a loss, with no serious thoughts/observations of my own to share - though I will nudge you toward reading this amazing post by Danielle LaPorte on building a spiritual practice. (So good!) I suppose I do have this to say:  I am grateful for the pause.... Continue Reading →

Begin again the story of your life.

Da Capo By Jane Hirshfield Take the used-up heart like a pebble and throw it far out. Soon there is nothing left. Soon the last ripple exhausts itself in the weeds. Returning home, slice carrots, onions, celery. Glaze them in oil before adding the lentils, water, and herbs. Then the roasted chestnuts, a little pepper,... Continue Reading →

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