It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. There's wealth in endings. I can see everything I am leaving behind before I step through the door into the next room - all the old comforts. But today is the day to turn fully toward the new, the day to... Continue Reading →


I had a dream about being in college this morning. Now I am feeling really nostalgic - for the people I was physically and spiritually close to at the time, for the town itself (and who knows what Normal, IL is like anymore) and for the overall feel of that time period in  my life,... Continue Reading →

Full of Life

 Some rights reserved by Roger LynnThe seed that is to growmust lose itself as seed;And they that creepmay graduate through chrysalis to wings.Wilt thou then, O mortal,cling to husks whichfalsely seem to youthe self?~Wu Ming Fu, Twelfth CenturyIt's not so much about being prepared for death as it is being full of life. I want to be so... Continue Reading →

Cold and Silence in the Early Dark

Some rights reserved by Leah Makin Photography Today, in church, we talked of transience. After, during silent meditation, a vision: I was sitting, covered in crows, self as a bare-branched tree...until they all flew away, and I was both gone and free. Gone and free. Just like that, the past is cast off, leaves in... Continue Reading →

The Pea

The Pea She's buried, hidden, hide-and-don't-seek pressed by the muffling mattresses and soft feather beds that forget but she's small and insistent, the knot in my neck of mourning dreams, of half-eaten marzipan passions lying, dormant, shell shocked under strata she is buried, alive barely, alive tiny seed of kicking life poking into my slumbering... Continue Reading →

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