Expanding #WAF

Witchy as Fuck (WAF). When I envision WAF, what comes to mind is: Incense. Candles. Music. Special magical clothing. Chanting. Moonlight. And honestly? Most of my life is not lived in this way at the moment. As a new mom, I am lucky if I can light the tea lights on my altar as I pass... Continue Reading →

Doing Something Different

“Acknowledging that we are all churned up is the first and most difficult step in any practice. Without compassionate recognition that we are stuck, it’s impossible to liberate ourselves from confusion.” - Pema Chodron Image: Waking Up by Amoret

Start Where You Are

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. ~ Marianne Williamson Image: Amoret Aspiring by Amoret

Sacred Resistance

My life gets really busy. Just this last week, I was up at 6am most days to work out, worked 9-5, had two evening therapy sessions (couples therapy on Monday, personal therapy on Thursday), had two evening calls (and have one more to go this evening.) Tomorrow, I will be getting the house ready for... Continue Reading →

To ponder

Would you rather be right or transformed? Image: Little flower sprout grows through urban asphalt ground by 晓燕 黄 - public domain

Thoughts on Leadership

A leader goes first where they want you to go...and at the same time, a leader stands behind you. It is in holding this duality that shit gets done. It is in holding this duality that a leader disappears into the fabric of the moment. A leader trusts that you will bring your excellence to the... Continue Reading →

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