Presence, Power, and Community

I have been thinking about presence and power a lot lately. As Reclaiming Pittsburgh is a fledgling community, my goal is to empower those that are in the community to not only show up, but to step up - into leadership, into ritual roles, into seeing and being seen. I have been listening to Amy... Continue Reading →

Today: missing friendships that faded, or fell to the wayside, or exploded spectacularly... Image: The Tower, Rider-Waite Deck

Powerful Magic: Simple Stuff

Want to work some powerful magic today? Ready? There is no right way or wrong way. There is just your way and my way and our way and their way.  Can you respect your way of doing things, trusting your unique answers in the present moment? Can you respect my way of doing things? Our... Continue Reading →

Holy Shit, Comments

Some kind of demon has possessed my soul. I have allowed comments on my blog posts again. We'll see how it goes! Image: Farting Demon (creator unknown - if you know who I should credit for this work, please contact me)

Bumpy but Breathing

I know I've fallen off the face of the map here at Ye Olde Blog - life has been adventurous, and the road has gotten decidedly bumpy. It has been bumpy in good ways: my household will be moving mid-February, so we are all a-flurry with packing and parsing and all the goodness and stress... Continue Reading →


I love cycles, and I am a big believer in honoring my own rhythms. At this time of year, I turn inward. I want to sit in my den and work on my loom or crochet while binge watching Netflix. I certainly do not feel social or festive at this time of year. In the... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on being a Yoda

I can't remember where I first saw this, but I read somewhere that spiritual advisors have archetypes. For example, some are like Indiana Jones - they are going to grab you and take you on a mighty adventure. Specific to me: some advisors are like Yoda - you need to seek them out, as they... Continue Reading →

A World Saturated With Divinity

I read Thomas Moore's "This Fractured, Heavenly World" in Spirituality & Health and I really loved it...and it is online, so I'm sharing it with y'all. Here's my favorite part: "You devote your life to spiritual learning, but you give your heart to ordinary life and the world of the senses. You watch yourself closely... Continue Reading →

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