Völva. Priestess. Soothsayer. I am a poet, witch, and synergist. I am an initiate in both Reclaiming and Anderson Feri traditions and have been working magic for 17 years. I seek the sacred in words and woods, in song and silence, and in the intimate magics of the everyday. I endeavor to look life in the eye and believe that surrender holds a key to grace. I am called to divination, gathering messages from tarot cards and runes, from the sounds of tree roots stretching and the drumming of heartbeats. I am called to community, knowing that many hands make light and interesting work. I come alive when our voices come together, calling to the Mysteries.

My work:
– Community building
– Oracular work and spellcrafting in the Norse tradtion (Seiðr and Galðr)
– Officiating sacred rites
– Ritual creation (personal and public)
– Spiritual exploration and mentoring
– Tarot and divination

– Initiated in the Reclaiming (2010) and Feri (2012) traditions
– Over 15 years of experience with Tarot

Tempted to find out more? This may be your Work.

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