REBLOG: Parting the Veil: Lessons from the Threadbare Season

“Each wound is an opening, a hole dug to plant a seed; a vent to feed the flame.” ~Briarheart

Forget your perfect offering…


Parting the Veil is a term oft-employed by Western mystery traditions to describe actively stepping into the realm of magic, entering a heightened state of awareness. The Liminal, the transitions, the uncharted places on a map, in our lives, in our lifetimes: these thresholds are enshrouded in their own sort of Veil.
Tennyson’s fairy weaver, The Lady of Shalott, lived a shrouded life, secluded in a tower, fearful of an unknown curse that would befall her should she leave the tower, or even gaze out the window. To pass her time, she views the world through a crystal mirror, where she caught glimpses of life, shadows of the world, in mythical Camelot. Our Lady never fully experiences life, threading together ideas of the beauty of other’s lives. Half-sick of shadows, she bides her time until one day, a sight too beautiful to resist, moved across the mirror’s surface… Sir Lancelot…

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