capitalism, pandemic edition

this is just a short ramble my train of thought coming off the tracks nobody runs a tight shipwreck except it is very much expected with unemployment and four walls closing in with face masks and "working remotely" (remote, definition: "having very little connection with or relationship to") and the toddler's melting down knocking on... Continue Reading →

Expanding #WAF

Witchy as Fuck (WAF). When I envision WAF, what comes to mind is: Incense. Candles. Music. Special magical clothing. Chanting. Moonlight. And honestly? Most of my life is not lived in this way at the moment. As a new mom, I am lucky if I can light the tea lights on my altar as I pass... Continue Reading →

A Visit to the “Witch City”

It's probably pretty naive of me, not realizing that I would go to Salem, Massachusetts and end up feeling really unsettled. It definitely wasn't the most magical place I've ever been (New Orleans, here's lookin' at you kid) but it was definitely spooky in the amount of cognitive dissonance it caused. Shopping for witch kitsch... Continue Reading →

Winter Witchcamp 2020

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching at 2020 Winter Witchcamp. We will be working with the theme "Gullveig: The Prophecy of the Witch." In selecting to work with Gullveig this year, our Continuity Committee was strongly inspired by an article by Maria Kvilhaug. I am certain I will be posting more... Continue Reading →

I’m back, witches!

It has been a looooong time since I last posted. I had a major life change (BABY) in November of 2018, and while it is tempting to say something deep and soulful like "I just let myself dive deep into motherhood" or "I sank into the bliss that was my postpartum experience" the truth is,... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming Pittsburgh Spring Ritual

Reclaiming Pittsburgh's Spring Ritual Saturday, May 12th, 2018 6:30PM - 9PM 2011 Noble Street Swissvale, PA 15218 Ritual Intention: “Like flowers, we unfold and nourish community.” Please bring: - Flowers for the altar - A water bottle - A snack for sharing (no peanut products or shellfish, please) More information is available in our Facebook... Continue Reading →

Tempus Vernum

Today is the three year anniversary of my mother's death. Yesterday was the vernal equinox, and last night the snow began in earnest, falling down steadily all day today, inches and inches. Winter has decided to upstage Spring with a bold, jazz-hands-fueled dance number. I made it out of the house today, through the drifts... Continue Reading →

Reblog: The Tree: An Earth Memoir

  Image: Cottonwood by Jon Hurd. Some rights reserved. The cottonwood tree’s roots are numerous, and its branches are wide, stretching over the expanse of our yard. The combination of root and branch are such that our backyard is never very sunny, nor does it grow much grass. The tree is the largest in our Chicago…... Continue Reading →

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